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Sarapis curates collections of free/libre/open-source (FLO) tools and techniques that nonprofit and community groups can use to (1) improve their operational effectiveness and (2) increase their capacity to collaborate with stakeholders and each other.


For Nonprofit and Community Organizations

While every organization is unique, there are a set of functions that all nonprofits and community groups need to perform.  These include:

  • Using desktop and laptop computers
  • Maintaining a website
  • Managing contacts, sending our newsletters and processing donations
  • Hosting documents and multimedia online


FLO Solutions for Nonprofits and Community Groups


For Disaster Relief Groups

Disasters present a unqiue set of challenges to nonprofit and community groups that require groups to rapidly process and share information with each other and the general public.  These tasks include standard nonprofit functions as well as:

  • turning requests into actionable “tickets” that can be easily moved between individuals and groups
  • collecting queryable information about volunteer skills and interests and massaging those volunteers with relevant opportunites
  • managing and sharing information about people affected by the disaster
  • manage in-kind donations and inventories in multiple locations


FLO Solutions for Disaster Relief Groups