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The FLOsolutions program brings the free/libre/open technology community together with civil society so each can benefit from the work of the other.



Nonprofits and Community Groups

We empower nonprofit and community groups by providing them access to FLO technology solutions through a process of rapid deployment, regular trainings and the cultivation of support communities. Groups who use these FLO solutions will then benefit from the ever-expanding and improving ecosystem of FLO technology solutions and will also be positioned to more easily collaborate with others.


If your organization or group is involved in Sandy relief work, enroll here.



We help technologists who are passionate about FLO engage in productive relationships with local nonprofit and community organizations.


If you’d like to start receiving (paid and unpaid) opportunities to assist nonprofit and community groups, tell us about yourself.


If you’re a technologists already using FLO solutions to help local groups,  tell us about your work and we’ll help promote it.



Do you believe that: “information-sharing is a powerful force of good, and that it is an ethical duty of individuals and groups that operate in the public interest to use and contribute to free, libre and open source solutions,  facilitating access to information and knowledge resources wherever practically possible.”


If so, consider signing an endorsement of this ethic.


By helping FLO technologists coordinate their efforts, we make it more economically viable for independent freelancers and small technology groups to offer basic FLO technology services to smaller nonprofit and community groups.  As more groups adopt FLO solutions, we show our communities and the world that civil society can increase it’s efficiency and capacity to collaborate with stakeholders by adopting more FLO solutions.


Want to help more people “go with the FLO”?  Support FLOsolutions.